Herbalife Promote Catalogue - page 2

It begins with three words...
the products. Feel great everyday.
the button. Generate interest in your business.
to people. Tell everyone you meet about Herbalife!
Now it’s your turn to use, wear and talk.
These PROMOTE! items will do just that by assisting:
• To build customer loyalty
• Your customers reach their weight-loss goals
• To create a professional image and build credibility
• You to become organised and more productive
• To reward, recognise and motivate your downline
The more you use the items in this catalogue,
the more success you will enjoy!
As a Herbalife Independent Member, you know that to successfully grow
your business, you must ‘Use, Wear and Talk.’
Herbalife Founder Mark Hughes was the first to prove the incredible
effectiveness of this simple philosophy:
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