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Getting Started
A balanced
nutrition plan
is essential for providing our bodies with
the nutrients required to help them
function properly.
Unfortunately today’s busy modern lifestyles mean we don’t always make
healthy food and drink choices – so we often miss out on necessary
nutrients. Processed food has often lost
essential vitamins
minerals and other nutrients so it’s important that we adopt good eating
habits and use supplements when necessary.
Maximise your Health. Maximise your Nutrition.
The Herbalife range of
quality products
aims to provide the
elements every body needs on a daily basis to maintain optimum health.
A nutrition plan should provide bodies with
balanced levels
of energy, vitamins, minerals, good carbohydrates, plant-based protein,
healthy fats and
fibres, herbs and antioxidants. The Herbalife
Nutrition Philosophy is based on balanced nutrition; leading a healthy, active
life; and following a personalised program with the support of a Member.
Balanced nutrition is founded on consuming a
healthy mix
of protein,
carbohydrates, beneficial fats and other nutrients.
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